Announcement: What do Consumer Tag Away Reviews Say?

tag away reviewsIt is true that look is not the only thing but most of us are only concerned on how to look at our best. Consumer tag away reviews help us to know the pros and cons of Tag away. Skin tags have always been a problematic area of concern. If anyone wants them to be removed by a dermatologist, it is very costly and other solutions are very painful to use. For this purpose a very unique, economical and useful product called “Tag Away” has been introduced and consumer Tag Away reviews are very positive for this product.

If you have the problem of skin tags and you want them removed, the simplest and the cheapest method to get them removed is using Tag Away.

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What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags have many names. It is a soft piece of skin hanging from the body. It can appear at any part of the skin. Mostly they appear in those parts of the body where there is rubbing of the skin like eyelids, groin, neck, etc. Skin tags are caused by the intermingling of blood vessels in the skin.

What is Tag Away?

Tag away is extracted by a herbal plant. This is totally a natural product and is free from chemicals. Tag away uses Thuja Occidentalis which dries the skin tag and the skin tag slowly falls away. The duration for skin tag to fall off is normally three to eight weeks. The application of tag away is totally pain free and there will be absolutely no scarring after the application.

How to use Tag Away?

Every bottle of Tag Away is used for approximately 60 applications. It is normally enough for a month. The user has simply to dip a swab of cotton in the Tag Away liquid and rub over the affected area. The process should be continued as prescribed until the tag falls off.

Why to use Tag Away?

  • It is made up from natural ingredients (Thuja Occidentalis) which is absolutely harmless to skin. This natural ingredient is famous for its properties to remove the tags.
  • Tag away is a homeopathic medicine.
  • It is a painless medicine for the removal of skin tags as compared to other methods of removing tags.
  • According to eight week clinical study, men and women both see the effects of the Tag Away. Using it three times a day gives ample effects in eight weeks.
  • It has been approved by the homeopathic Pharmacopeia of United States of America which works with close liaison to Food and Drug Administration of USA.

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What do consumer tag away reviews say about its benefits?

The most obvious benefit of Tag Away is that it removes tags simply and very cheaply. Other remedies of skin tags are very expensive and complex to use. For example, clinical surgery being performed by a dermatologist is very complex and expensive. Using this product removes the unwanted tags easily and permanently without having any major impact on your bank account. And also this product is guaranteed to work so users do not have to waste time and money on other products and unproven treatments.

The other area in which Tag Away is different from its competitors is the non use of chemicals. Using herbal ingredients is its major plus point. It is also pain free which is one of the reasons why it is getting very popular. This product does not require ant freezing, burning, scarring or surgery to remove the unwanted skin tags. Instead it is totally free and very safe to use on sensitive areas of the body. These benefits of Tag Away make it consumers’ first choice when it comes to tag removal.

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What do consumer tag away reviews say about its cons?

Although Tag Away is a very useful and healthy product but still it is not free from criticisms. The small issue related to it is the time it takes to cure. Actually the time to remove the tag depends on the size of the tag; the smaller the tag, lesser the time it takes. But still it would take a bit longer time. The users will have to wait for months for a skin tag to fall. The other aspect of the product is that it only works on skin tags, not any other skin problem like moles and warts.


Cautions of using Tag Away

  • Tag away can not be used for moles and warts on skin.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should consult the doctor prior to its use.
  • The formula for tag away has been tested for no irritation but if irritation occurs, please discontinue using it.
  • It should not be used on children and should be kept away from them.
  • In case it is ingested, immediately call the poison control
  • An expiry date of 2 years after its manufacturing has been pasted on the bottle. Please always see the expiry date before its use.
  • Using Tag Away near Eyelids is strictly prohibited. Consult dermatologist for tags near eyes.
  • Use Tag Away until it is diminished. Do not stop using it prematurely as it will not give proper results as announced.
  • Try not to place it with other cosmetics as their chemicals may have adverse effect on the formula of the product.



Overall Tag Away is a very good herbal treatment for skin tags with no side effects. Just waiting a few months solves the problem of skin tags. But this waiting period is definitely of great worth when it is compared to the cheap amount you have to spend on the cure. Each 10ml of bottle has approximately 60 treatments. It is the entire amount needed to tackle the most stubborn skin tag.